ISB Coaches Team Meeting Agenda

Date: Fri., Sept 5 2009
Time: 12:30-2:05
Place: MS Skybox
Recorder: Kim
Understanding = U Informing = I
Recommending = R Deciding = D

Participants: Teresa, Kelly, Kim, Jeff, Dennis, Troy
Guiding Question
Background/ Process
Person / Time
How's the week been? (Parent Workshops & Time spent per category)
1. highlight: numbers of parents (40ish)
2. question: do we want to have similar structures, approaches of how we do the workshop?
3. suggestion: discuss and prepare room set up
4. Sharing after: blog with summery, discussion points and links

1. highlight: parents were talking about the need to "redifine" what science is as a parent community
2. Question: How can we structure the year so that we're strategic and give overview
3. Suggestion: do a two hour session
4. Sharing after: blog

1. highlight: numbers (50) and actively engaged
2. Question: How do we keep the numbers this high? And getting as many as possible.
3. Suggestion: Food and drink; bigger room if our numbers maintain
4. Sharing after: blog

Decision: We agree to enter one blog per month in each area, connected or not to the workshop.
Tracking Time spent: spread sheet that individuals enter but there is a summary piece.
We will start next week, spend five minutes entering during the first five minutes and then have a data-driven dialogue once we make the data visual.

Categories: In the classroom; one-on-one; team level; nuts & bolts; organizational meeting time; other PD; our own professional learning
Round Robin: (15)
1. highlight
1. question
1 suggestion for next time
Time spent update (15)
All (30 min)
Book Club
What can we learn from the Jim Knight book that will help us in our role as coaches?
  • KIM: p22 last paragraph "Coaching light occurs when coaches want to build and maintain relationships more than they want to improve teaching and learning. From this perspective, coaches act to increase their perceived value to teachers by providing resources and avoiding challenging conversations"
  • JEFF: p13 under Catalyst for Change "By making observations, stating their point of view, and inquiring into practice, coaches erode stagnant practice and unchallenged routines to spark analysis, reflection, and appropriate change. not change for change sake."
  • KELLY: p 24 top first two sentences
  • TERESA: p 27 # 3 on the right side "A coach's primary responsibility is to improve student learning"

BOOK CLUB: How will we continue?
  • Open discussion (10 min) + protocol
  • One chapter per month with a different protocol each week
Final word protocol
(30 min)
What are the practices that will most greatly impact learning and
how can we embed those in what we do with teachers?

Three column chart: practice,
personal experience, student
learning experience
(30 min)
What have we done well in our meetings so far?
To what degree have we been sticking to our norms?
+s, Deltas, Suggestions
(5 min)
Parking Lot – Items on our plate for future meetings:

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