ISB Coaches Team Meeting Agenda

Date: Fri., Nov. 27, 2009
Time: 12:30-2:05
Place: MS Skybox
Recorder: Kim
Understanding = U Informing = I
Recommending = R Deciding = D

Participants: Teresa, Kelly, Kim, Jeff, Dennis, Troy
Guiding Question
Background/ Process
Person / Time
How's the week been (IA training, coaching heavy, etc)?

1. General catch-up
2. Entering time for last week and this
All (15 min)
Coaches' Standards
How can we create coaching standards that align with our "ISB learning coach roles and responsibilities" and that are learning focused?

(45 min)
What learning is happening and how do we know?
1. Overview of LfL
2. Partner up and go out
3. Come back and analyze
(30 min)
What's on the docket for next week?
1. ERD
2. Parent Workshop
(5 min)
Parking Lot – Items on our plate for future meetings:
1. How's the week been?
  • IA Training on Math and Games (also Mod Lang is good) has gone well.
  • With varying skills, we continue to need to work on specifics
  • How do we get the IA's on Google Docs (there seem to be some obstacles)
  • Do teachers know that the IA's are getting this good training?
    • Perhaps a follow up with teachers so that they know what their IA's know
    • Future heads-up emails will help teachers know what their IA's will come back with
  • Some issues with science work and beliefs about ending "life" of plants and such - being involved in that process is upsetting for some
  • Leadership Team meeting presentation by Jeff was positive
    • Good discussion happened including heated action
  • Moving toward a more Coaching Heavy model in math - no longer can teachers "avoid" the training
  • Successful and informative work in classrooms this week in the HS
  • TLC's should work with Troy to share tech tools and what's available/possible at ISB

2. Discussion on online practices on videos and photos for LFL
  • Background on policies under development
  • Online predators not the issue it's made out to be
  • Celebrating students online is no different than the equivalent in newspapers

3. Standards for our Coaches
  • Need standards for many of the groups not featured in the LEAD.
  • All standards being re-written to be learning focused
  • Current LEAD has teachers, counselors, admin (needs revision)
    • They focus on the teacher
  • Need them to be focused on learning
  • This is a good opportunity to look at best practice and what we want to value
  • Kelly shared an article
  • Is a "learning focus" standard for specialists focused on the teacher as the "learner" or the student as the "learner"?
    • Kelly suggested an anecdotal measure from teachers on whether coaching has benefited the most
    • This is very subjective and highly contingent on teachers comfort level with coaching
  • To measure impact of coaching on teachers, there are tests to measure content knowledge (Troy)
  • Need to identify, first, what the components of our coaching are
  • Brainstorm list of main things from article that are shifting teacher pedagogy
  • Let's start from ground zero and look at what we value as positive effect from coaching
  • Example, collaboration -> positive collaboration is not without conflict
  • Kelly will take Role and Responsibility document and prepare documents that will allow us to flesh out standards that hit our "Big 5"

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