Meeting Minutes

Howard will work with us to become better coaches.
  • Looking for Learning if rolled out to more faculty, could be useful to Coaches.
  • Howard takes us through an introduction of LFL.
  • LFL is biggest thing to transform learning and teaching
  • L.T. member coaches shared their understanding of LFL with individual team members
  • Those members feedback their understanding
  • LFL is student learning centered.
    • Consistent questions to ensure we have common data
    • Focus on what and whether students are learning
    • LFL is the name of a program in which somebody goes into a classroom to gather evidence about learning with which they then have a conversation with the teacher in order to improve learning
    • LFL is being used by Doha and SAS (Singapore) with teachers as well
    • Built on knowledge of how the brain works
    • Must remain Forward-Looking in terms of improving student learning
    • First 5 questions are all related to LEARNING ONLY
  • 7 Looking for Learning Questions
    1. Is there any learning going on? (see ISB Definition of Learning)
      • It is important to first "nail the learning"
      • Skills, Knowledge, Understanding
      • Knowledge can be essential, motivational, or transformational
        • Levels of learning - New (fuzzy), Consolidated, Acquired, None
      • Skills - you need to see these in action to assess them
        • Beginning, Developing, Mastering
      • Understanding
        • Beginning, Developing, Mastering
        • Difficult to see this in a short visit/conversation/lesson
        • Need time, application, personal connection
        • Can be "not sure" if you see this or not on the form
    2. Is it appropriate? A.) Curriculum-wise; B.) To those students at that time
    3. Is it sufficient?
      • This can be an issue of differentiation

    4. Are they engaged?
    5. What's the teacher doing that HELPS learning?
    6. What's the teacher doing that HINDERS learning?
    7. What's the school doing to help/hinder the learning?

BOTTOM LINE: Is a student missed the lesson, would they have missed anything?
  • Is the time well spent?

Question: Are there ways to ask these questions to newer English speakers?
  • There are times when students can't articulate this, but they can demonstrate their knowledge, skill, understanding

Additional Benefit: The more we do this, the more meta-cognitive the students are becoming.

With Pam, we did LFL classroom visits

Discussion: how will LFL help us in our Coaching roles?

  • Evidence and learning conversations will work for us if we LFL in areas in which we coach
  • We can impact the culture, because we don't evaluations piece so we are really about doing our curriculum and program better WITH teachers
  • Good to work in teams with this
  • Learning conversations will be something