ISB Coaches Team Meeting Agenda

Date: Tues, May 3, 2010
Time: 7:30-9:30
Place: EdTech
Timekeeper: Troy
Recorder: Kim
Facilitator: Various
Participants: Teresa, Jeff, Dennis, Troy, Kim, Tammy, ?Chrissy, Janet, and Miguel

Guiding Question
Background/ Process
Person / Time
  • Connect and Introduce ourselves
New coaches skyped in
(15 min)
Coaching Team 2010-2011
How can we facilitate the new coaches' transition?
1. Q & A
2. Challenges and Successes
(30 min)
Book Club
What can we learn from chapter 6?

(30 min)
Coaches' Standards
Where are we at with our pilot?
Google Doc
  • Howard and Pam
    • Sign-up for LfL sessions here
    • May 14 discussion about standards, 12:00-2:00
    • Where are we at?
1. Updates and sharing.
2. Challenges.
3. Next steps
(30 min)
Final Parent Workshop
What do we need to do for next week?**
1. Locations
2. Rotation Schedule
3. 9:00--send to ES MPR
Troy (15 min)

Parking Lot – Items on our plate for future meetings:
  • Common labsite and coaching cycle
  • strategic calendaring
  • End-of-year feedback