ISB Coaches Team Meeting Agenda

Date: Fri, May 28, 2010
Time: 1:30-3:00
Place: Skybox
Timekeeper: Troy
Recorder: Dennis
Facilitator: Kim
Participants: Teresa, Jeff, Dennis, Troy, Kim

Guiding Question
Background/ Process
Person / Time
How's everyone been?
Catch-up on coaching and everything else
(10 min)
Coaching Team 2010-2011
How can we facilitate the new coaches' transition?
1. What can we do to ease their minds right now? Troy has been updating all new teachers regarding the situation.
2. Other items we should be communicating?
Troy will send the information to Janet that we all sent earlier (Learning Coach job response, wiki info, book read, etc.)
Need to follow up with Chrissy.

(5 min)
Book Club
What can we learn from chapter 7, 8, and 9?
1. Take time to read
2. Discuss highlights

Chapter 7: Differentiated Coaching: Myers Briggs--grouping and kind of coaching accordingly. Very practical--exactly what to do with certain types of people.

We all took it and reflected on our personalities.
(45 min)
Coaches' Standards
Where are we at with our pilot?
Google Doc
1. What insights did Pam and Howard have to offer?
  • Troy and Jeff laid it out.
  • They thought it a good to focus on something
  • No thoughts on whether or not to tell the teacher ahead of time
  • We told them still struggling --is this the best way to go?
  • Howard: Are we still successful in ou job if we don't see the student learning?
  • TB: I believe the more embedded our work, the more likely we are to influence student learning.
  • DH: School has learning values, if a teacher continues in another direction, it becomes a supervisory issue.
2. Do we want to continue with this next year?
  • Yes
  • Still need to hash out details
(10 min)
End-of-Year Reflection
What went well, what didn't?
Think-Pair-Share on this End-of-Year Reflection
(20 min)

Parking Lot – Items for beginning of the year meeting:
  • Common labsite and coaching cycle
  • Strategic calendaring
  • Coaches Meeting
  • Clarify the PLC purposes