ISB Coaches Team Meeting Agenda

Date: Thus., Mar 18, 2010
Time: 8:30-10:00
Place: MS Skybox
Timekeeper: Troy
Recorder: Kim
Facilitator: Various
Participants: Teresa, Jeff, Dennis, Troy, Kim

Guiding Question
Background/ Process
Person / Time
How's the week been?
  • Great showing at Tech Parent Coffee for the second session
  • Great showing at Literacy, both sessions
1. General catch-up
2. Entering time for this week
(15 min)
Nuts and Bolts
How can we best continue building understanding for parents and I.A.s?
1. Parents
2. I.A.s
(15 min)
Coaching Team 2010-2011
How can we be consistent in our communication about coaching to our collegial partners?

  • Communicate with Curriculum Partners regularly: Miguel & Chrissy w/Jeff, Tammy w/Teresa, Science w/Troy
  • By the end of March, share: Coaching Roles & Responsibilities, this wiki, our PLC process (we meet weekly, reading the Coaching book), details specific to each curricular area, teacher level of understanding, daily expectations from teachers, level of admin support, etc.
  • Potentially Skype in new coaches to one of our meetings (make sure we have Chrissy here for this meeting too) - should be a 7:30 am meeting slot so Chrissy can make it
1. Brainstorm
2. Common agreement
(20 min)
Coaches' Standards**
What are our hypotheses and how does the learning evidence correlate?
Google Doc
Action Plan Steps:
  1. Hypothesis: at a gut level, what learning do we think is not as good as we think it should be
  2. Student Learning Evidence Examined - Issue confirmed or debunked
  3. Date: Collaborative Action Plan Created
  4. Date: Action Plan Implemented
  5. Date: Student Learning Evidence Collected
  6. Date: Reflection Based on Evidence (rinse & repeat as needed)

  • Teresa: Are students clear about what, why, and to what degree their learning during their independent reading? Are they making the transfer from the mini-lesson and modeling? Working with grade 3 on reading.
  • Jeff: Are students aware of the importance of audience? Working with grade 5 creating PSAs.
  • Troy: Are we really pushing kids to the limit of their ZPD? Are all students engaging in high cognitive and metacognitive thinking skills?
  • Kim: Does creating and sharing digital stories help deepen student understanding in a meaningful way? Does sharing online help students reflect on their learning?

Student Learning Evidence:
  • Teresa: seeing an improvement with most students, but not as much with higher level - maybe they are too confident that they are already "good readers." Teresa will continue this with the mini-cohort of Vu, Tracy, Jen, Sheena at different grade levels, and then go to full literacy council to see if they can do it in their own classrooms.
  • Jeff: slow going, not sure if it's the time of the year or other events just keep getting in the way. Not sure if the project is actually going to be completed. How do you set a strict timeline when things like this come up?
  • Troy: Revised question: How is community being used to develop students conceptual understanding to push students to the limit of their ZPD? Currently looking at research articles about ZPD to refine hypothesis. (We stress to teachers that they should be using groups, but do we know that it's working?) Will start looking for evidence after trip to US.
  • Kim: Students did not express that there would be a difference between sharing online and sharing just within the class - their project would the same either way (I wonder if this is because they never really thought about it - would be great to do the same kind of project again and not share online and see if there was a difference in their reflection). Students did feel that watching each other's work and taking the time to create something about an experience helped them deepen their understanding: " Doing the video helped me understand the educational aspects of the trip. When I was there I was concerned with fun, not facts."
1. Updates and sharing.
2. Challenges.
3. Next steps
4. Sharing this with PPP committee
(40 min)
Parking Lot – Items on our plate for future meetings: