ISB Coaches Team Meeting Agenda

Date: Fri., Feb 4, 2010
Time: 12:30-2:05
Place: MS Skybox
Recorder: Kim
Understanding = U Informing = I
Recommending = R Deciding = D

Participants: Teresa, Kim, Jeff
Guiding Question
Background/ Process
Person / Time
How's the week been?
  • Tech Coffee Morning was great! 30 parents attended
  • Bill is going to present on the coaching model at a conference soon
1. General catch-up
2. Entering time for this week
(15 min)
Coaches' Standards
How can we improve on our ideas?
Google Doc
  • Questions (in red) on doc discussed & documented on the Google Doc
  • Domains removed & re-named to follow "Students learn best when" titles

  • Do we still need the "Therefore teachers will..." column on the table? -> Could it be renamed: types of evidence you might collect
  • Do we still need the "Therefore teachers will..." column at all?
  • Do we need the "Student Learning Evidence" column to be split into 2 (pre-action plan evidence & post-action plan evidence)

Next Steps:
  • Action Plan form for coaches to work with teachers
  • Maybe start with 1 per grade level (with the most crucial needs), prioritize with teaching team at that grade level, coaching team can help strategize
  • Move into coaching cycles, rotate through grade levels so teachers don't get overloaded (coaches are in on that team meeting during the cycle)
  • Next steps - try it out, use it in coaching and bring feedback to team to see if it works - How can we pilot this?

Action Plan Steps:
  1. Date: Student Learning Evidence Examined - Issue Identified
  2. Date: Collaborative Action Plan Created
  3. Date: Action Plan Implemented
  4. Date: Student Learning Evidence Collected
  5. Date: Reflection Based on Evidence (rinse & repeat as needed)
1. recap where we are
2. Next steps
3. Let's tackle this
(45 min)
Mid year reflection
To what degree is this PLC helpful to us as coaches?
  • Discussing and reflecting on the reading
  • Productive days where we move forward - where we actually have an agenda and stick with it
  • As a regular sounding board for working with people in the same position - the dedicated time is important

  • What will we do to help/support the new coaches on board
  • Continue book discussion and plan out the chapters for the rest of the year
  • Organize meetings and topics like grade 4 and ISB21
  • Continue making agendas, do our best to stick to them, but make accommodations for the one meeting a semester relaxing chat
  • Is there a better room for us to meet next year? We need a coaches room (like a classroom that has been vacated due to the new building)
  • How can we continue revisiting the Light vs Heavy coaching conversation - how do we continue to move along that continuum?

To what degree are we impacting learning?
  • We know we are, we just haven't documented what we've done with student learning evidence
  • Light vs Heavy coaching discussion really helped improve coaching strategies and techniques which has a direct impact on student learning

What makes you say that?

Homework: Read Chapter 4 for next week's discussion
1. PLC reflection
2. Coaching reflection
3. Plans for use of upcoming time
(30 min)
Parking Lot – Items on our plate for future meetings: